curexus and humanIT form partnership

The German CRM specialist curexus extends its portfolio with fast data analysis –InfoZoom optimizes CRM projects and supports customer service

Bonn, Germany. 21 May 2013 – humanIT Software GmbH, manufacturer of the analytic software InfoZoom, has formed a partnership with curexus GmbH, a leading German consultancy specializing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Curexus has already used InfoZoom for years to add value to its own projects. Through this partnership, both companies plan to strengthen their joint collaboration and develop new sales opportunities in the field of CRM. 

InfoZoom is an optimal data analysis tool for managing customer relationships. Multiple companies and public organizations already use the fast analysis software to select contacts for marketing and sales campaigns, test data quality, or identify specific target groups in complex market environments. The consultants at curexus use InfoZoom themselves to quickly view and assess the existing databases at customer sites as well as build new reports and performance indicators. The CRM expert views InfoZoom’s analytic capabilities as an important step in ensuring high data quality and valid KPIs.

Markus Alexander, Senior Consultant CRM at curexus, knows the advantages for his customers. "InfoZoom is a very fast, flexible tool for ad hoc analysis. Through its unique way of visualizing data, business users can immediately gain insights from large datasets. In addition to extending our own product portfolio with an outstanding analytic tool, we also use the software to help us provide intensive, one-on-one consulting services.” 

Elmar Thomson, Partner Manager at humanIT Software, is also pleased with the new cooperation. “Our companies have worked well together for years, and now we have made this cooperation official within the framework of our JOIN partner program. By combining our knowledge as a vendor with the consulting and business expertise of curexus, we are in a good position to mutually leverage the opportunities of the growing CRM market."

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Your CRM partner from strategy to IT

As one of the leading CRM consultancies in Germany, curexus GmbH specializes in optimizing business management through a customer-driven approach based on KPIs. Since 1995, curexus has served its customers as a competent partner – from strategy to IT. 

Outlining an integrated CRM strategy and defining all CRM business processes form the core of the company’s project methodology. curexus also provides competent support for other key tasks related to data quality, CRM system implementations, IT infrastructure as well as system operations and support.

curexus has partnerships with leading software vendors including CAS, Microsoft, Oracle and Update. In addition to classical on-premise solutions, it also offers software as a service to provide a fast, low-cost way to create an excellent technical foundation for CRM.