InfoZoom now supports enterprise data discovery

humanIT will preview its latest innovations in fast data analysis software this November

Bonn, Germany. 12 September 2013 – humanIT Software GmbH, manufacturer of the fast data analysis software InfoZoom, will launch its new product innovations on 18 November 2013. InfoZoom Scout, which delivers fast, easy data discovery capabilities for users across the enterprise, is a new client based on InfoZoom Server. This high-performance server technology, in turn, can be used to deploy complex data management and BI applications including the 8.2 version of the established standalone solution, InfoZoom Desktop. humanIT will provide current and potential customers a preview of these new products at its annual Best Practice Day on 7 November 2013 in Sankt-Augustin, Germany.

InfoZoom Scout

InfoZoom Scout provides the beloved ad hoc data discovery capabilities of the standard desktop client at a low price. With this software, users can quickly and easily explore data in many different business scenarios without needing special IT skills. InfoZoom Scout is also the first client of the newly developed InfoZoom Server technology. Thanks to its scalability, connectivity and fast processing, InfoZoom Server is well suited for deployments in complex projects. Additional client/server products are currently in development. The InfoZoom Server SDK has been available to humanIT partners since 2012.

InfoZoom Desktop

The standalone InfoZoom Desktop solution has been used for years by customers in various sectors ranging from banking to energy and even criminalistics. The fast, in-memory technology supports comfortable, flexible ad hoc data analysis for business power users. Version 8.2 of the solution, which was originally developed at the Fraunhofer Institute, allows users to publish their analysis data on InfoZoom Server. Current and potential customers can participate in beta testing for InfoZoom Desktop until 9 October 2013.

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