Integrated analysis power

BARC confirms: InfoZoom brings data analysis to business professionals

Bonn, Germany. 24 February 2012 – humanIT Software GmbH will debut its new partner technologies at the CeBIT trade fair from 6 – 10 March 2012 in Hanover, Germany. In combination with modern .NET technology, InfoZoom’s established method for data analysis supports a wide range of OEM solutions for current and potential partners. With this unique software, business professionals can gain control over the content and quality of their data. These findings were confirmed by the BARC Institute in its recent product review of InfoZoom 8.0.

Giving business departments more control over their data

According to BARC analysts Lars Iffert and Barney Finucane, InfoZoom’s unique strength lies in its capabilities for immediate analysis. Due to the underlying in-memory technology, the software supports high-performance analytics on large data volumes and provides a seamless connection to various data sources. Since the software is designed to be used and administered by business professionals, partner companies use it to add value to their ERP, Business Intelligence and data warehouse portfolios.

InfoZoom: A core component of proALPHA’s BI portfolio

The proALPHA Group, for example, uses InfoZoom technology to deliver proALPHA Analyzer, an OEM component that extends its complete ERP solution with ad hoc analysis and visual data mining capabilities. “For the past few years, we have had good experiences using proALPHA Analyzer to evaluate large data volumes in detail,” confirmed Matthias Kläsener, a member of the executive board at proALPHA Consulting AG. “Through its complete integration into our ERP suite, Analyzer provides a highly flexible component for analyzing and controlling proAPLHA data. Our customers value having such a unique, interactive, high-performance tool for analyzing their data.”

Live presentations and demos at the CeBIT
humanIT will present its new integration technologies in the form of demo applications as well as many real-world application scenarios at the CeBIT in Hanover.

As a sponsor of the BARC BI Forum, humanIT will also host three presentations on InfoZoom usage scenarios in BI environments on 8 March 2012.

Speakers are Ralph Gattinger, Managing Director at humanIT Software GmbH, and Detlef Wendling, an InfoZoom user at the cable network operator Tele Columbus.

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